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Cresus luxury watch authenticity and warranties

When you purchase a recent, vintage or collector’s pre-owned luxury watch, we recommend being particularly resourceful when searching for information on the watch you are interested in, especially it's price on the pre-owned market.

By consulting an expert like Cresus, you are sure to make your purchase with no surprise, a watch that is 100% authenticated, and gain another sizeable advantage: the product warranty

Certified authenticity

At Cresus, our staff is made up of experienced professionals who carefully and consistently authenticate all of the watches we buy. During this full examination , we check the authenticity of the watch case, movement, documents and presentation case, as well as the correctness of the serial number and year of production, in order to ensure all of these items match up. We also examine peripheral parts such as the hands, dial, crown, etc.

Thanks to the professionalism and knowledge of our staff, Cresus can certify the authenticity of every single watch we sell. We make good on this commitment of authenticity by providing you with a dated, detailed invoice for your watch with the Cresus company stamp on it.

We take as much diligent care with our jewelry appraisal , inspecting the materials and gems in the utmost detail, as well as all of the stamps, serial numbers and documents provided.
All of these checks are performed in our shops and the information is entered in our computer system in order to maintain the details of every transaction we make.


The Cresus Warranty

  • What is included in a Cresus Warranty?

Whether they are newer, vintage or collector's items, all of Cresus’ watches are sold with a one-year warranty on parts and labour.

Thanks to this warranty, you can choose your watch with peace of mind, knowing that you can entrust it to a professional in case of a malfunction.
During this one-year warranty period, Cresus promises to repair:

  • any manufacturing flaw detected,
  • any various malfunctions that may occur, i.e. if the watch stops, run fast or needs to be wound more than normal, etc. 

However, the Cresus warranty does NOT cover:

  • problems caused by an accident, 
  • problems caused by improper use or handling 
  • problems caused by neglect or due to service by unauthorized third parties as well as any damage resulting from such neglect or unauthorized service
  • wear and tear or damage to the battery, watchband, case, crystal, push buttons or crown.
  • How can you benefit from the Cresus Warranty?

If, during the one-year warranty period following the purchase of your watch, your timepiece malfunctions in any way, you can contact the customer service department who sold you the watch online or you can directly contact the boutique at the shop. Send us the watch by delivery service or bring it into the shop. You will need to include a copy of the invoice and your Cresus Warranty card signed and dated by the salesperson when you purchased the watch via our Internet site or at one of our shops. We will then begin the troubleshooting and repair process.

The Cresus Garantie + Extended Warranty

In order to provide service tailored to your needs, Cresus now offers Garantie +, a one-year warranty extension whose price depends on the price of this warranty, and which is available for the watch with a manufacture warranty vaud for less than 2 years. You can purchase the Garantie + extended warranty at the same time you buy your watch.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty

At Cresus, we are specialists in recent watches. Many watch lovers are interested in the pre-owned modern watch niche as it offers a number of advantages: very appealing prices, items in excellent condition that have rarely - or sometimes never - been worn, very often with the original documents and presentation box. When a watch is sold with all of its original papers and presentation case, it is considered to be a “full set” (complete). Sometimes, these watches are still covered by the original warranty, from the Manufacturer.

  • How does the Manufacturer’s Warranty work? 

Every one of these watches is covered by a specific warranty ranging from a few months to two years, depending on its age. You can easily identify these watches on our Internet site: the Manufacturer’s Warranty is specified on the product pages for all of the watches that are still covered under the manufacturer's warranty.



When the watch is covered by this warranty, in the event of a problem with your timepiece, you can directly contact the manufacturer, who will troubleshoot the malfunction and make any necessary repairs.
This warranty covers all manufacturing flaws and malfunctions but does not cover any damage caused by accidents or by improper use of the timepiece.

“Premium” watches

Do you have a particularly demanding criterion when it comes to purchasing a new timepiece? We recommend you take a close look at our “Premium” watches. For your satisfaction, we have created a collection exclusively composed of watches that are less than one year old, is “mint” or “excellent” condition, still covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty and have their original documents and presentation box. This range of watches can be easily identified by the “Premium” label on the photo of each of the watches.

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