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Find a Jewel

Having a hard time finding the jewel of your dreams that you know just has to be hiding out there somewhere?

We can help you in your quest thanks to our network of contacts and to the new arrivals that come in to our shops every day. Simply fill out this form and we will find the jewel you are looking for! !

How does it work?

Once your alert has been saved, we continuously search through our network and inform our Purchasing Managers of your request in order to find the piece of jewelry you’ve been dreaming of. An automatic alert is saved and your request is followed up on for 6 months.

As soon as we have found the jewelry you are looking for, we contact you by e-mail to inform you.

Remember to provide us with an e-mail address that you check frequently! However, please note that due to the random nature of such a search, we cannot promise to find your requested item before a specific date.

If you are looking for several models, please create several different alerts, one per item of jewelry.


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Pre-owned Watches and Jewelry purchasing

Cresus online store is specialised in pre-owned watches and jewelry sales market. Find the finest brands of luxury watchmaking and jewelry: Rolex, Breitling, Jaeger Lecoultre, Tag Heuer, Omega, BRM, Cartier....

Cresus offers you exquisite luxury watches from 20% to 40% off the inital price, authenticated by our experts, often provided with cases and certificates, guaranteed minimum 1 year, quickly and safely delivered. If the second-hand watch model (Datejust, Submariner, Reflet, Big Bang...) you are looking for is not available, feel free to contact us. Cresus will find it for you! You can also visit us at one of our 6 stores in the following cities: Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Paris and Aix-en-Provence.